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2015 Travel Trends
2015 Travel Trends
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Date Posted: January 5, 2015
a) Holiday villa replacing hotels

b) If our phone starts buzzing the next time you’re in an airport, it could be location-specific alerts enabled by nearby “beacons,” low-frequency Bluetooth sensors that can tell you which currency-exchange counters have the best rates, how long it’ll take to reach your gate, and other useful tips. The technology is already being used in airports from San Francisco to Amsterdam.

c) New routes discover

The latest way to get to Sydney: via a Qantas A380 from Dallas, the longest flight in the world, at 8,500 miles and almost 16 hours door-to-door. It’s just one of the many new flights launched by top-notch international carriers that are making long-haul travel more appealing. Below, we mapped out our favorite additions in 2014 and 2015.

  • Cathay Pacific: Boston to Hong Kong
  • Emirates: Chicago to Dubai; Boston to Dubai
  • Etihad: San Francisco to Abu Dhabi; Los Angeles to Abu Dhabi; Dallas-Fort Worth to Abu Dhabi
  • Finair: Miami to Helsinki
  • Hainan Airlines: Boston to Beijing
  • Icelandair: Portland to Reykjavík
  • Japan Airlines: Los Angeles to Osaka
  • Korean Air: Houston to Seoul
  • Qantas: Dallas-Fort Worth to Sydney
  • Qatar Airways: Miami to Doha; Dallas-Fort Worth to Doha; Philadelphia to Doha
  • Turkish Airlines: San Francisco to Istanbul

d) mobile transactions are about to become the new normal

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